Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Okay Law, with its team having expertise in legal disputes, monitors all kinds of legal and arbitration procedures at national and international levels. We offer litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution services in all branches of law we deal with, primarily on the cases relating to disputes arising from commercial contracts and the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and awards before Turkish courts.

Okay Law offers all alternative dispute resolution proposals to its clients, with a client-centric solution approach culture before filing a lawsuit. At the same time, with its experienced lawyers who are also mediators, it represents its clients in mediation, reconciliation, out-of-court settlement processes, and encourages its clients to find material, moral and time-saving solutions. It always stands by its clients with its experienced lawyer staff during the trial process serving as a last resort.

The litigation and dispute resolution processes that we usually focus on are as follows:

-Disputes arising from real estate matters and construction contracts,
-Commercial cases primarily in company law,
-Disputes arising from enforcement law,
-Claims related to intellectual property rights,
-Pursuing of administrative filings and litigation process in administrative and tax law,
-Disputes in insurance and maritime law,
-Disputes in Labor Law,
-Disputes arising from consumer protection legislation,