Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Okay Law aims to swiftly finalize the enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings in order to collect its clients’ receivables with the strong knowledge and experienced team in the field of enforcement and bankruptcy law, which is also its founder’s Att. Dr. Okay Durman’s area of ​​expertise, It provides legal support to individuals and companies that are both Creditor and Debtor regarding Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law.

Some of the services provided in this branch are listed below:

- Preparation and opening of enforcement proceedings with and without judgment regarding the collection of commercial and individual receivables,

- Restructuring the individual and commercial debts,

- Conducting the settlement negotiations with creditors,

- Providing legal support to protect their rights and interests in execution proceedings against clients,

- Foreclosure of mortgages

- Precautionary Measures regarding monetary claims,

- The eviction process of the immovables without a verdict,

- Insolvency proceedings,

- Concordat proceedings,

-Annulment of monetary claims,

- Restraint actions,

- The action for cancellation of the tender