Data Protection Law

For the past few years, the protection of personal data matter have emerged and become actual in Turkey with the impact of EU regulations and the need of protection of personal data at the global scale and accordingly current trend of domestic legislation movements. Protection of personal data is a right that individuals have against unauthorized use of their data by other persons or organizations. After the Law No. 6098 on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK/GDPR) entered into force, a new era has begun in our country, and the Personal Data Protection Authority was established as the supreme board. The implementation started to take shape with the decisions of the Board. Okay Law provides its corporate clients with its competent team specialized in ensuring the compliance of its internal regulations, continuous updating and in-house training services, in ensuring that their relations with its personnel and the people with whom it has relations are carried out in accordance with the law within the framework of the KVK Law and related legislation regulations and Board decisions.

As Okay Law, in order to ensure successful compliance with GDPR legislation, we offer services, such as:

-Determination and analysis of the obligations that clients are subject to within the scope of KVKK,
-Providing the necessary support in terms of ensuring the required cooperation with IT departments during the establishment of data recording systems that clients need to use to fulfill the relevant obligations, and to harmonize the currently used data recording systems with the obligations under the KVKK,
-Preparing and / or revising the contracts that clients have to conclude with their clients or business partners within the scope of KVKK,
-In order to ensure full compliance with the obligations within the scope of KVKK, we provide service in-company awareness training to all relevant departments (law, HR, IT, marketing, public relations, etc.) within the Data Controller