Banking and Finance

Okay Law provides banks and other financial institutions with a wide range of services such as recovery of entitlements and receivables, conducting the cases regarding mortgage and collateral transactions, loan agreements, leasing, factoring and other financing transactions in accordance with the relevant legislation. The documentation of local and international financing packages, maintaining continuous communication between borrowers and financial institutions, and providing a bridge function are the main objectives.

In this context, we struggle to solve the demands regarding especially the financing relations between the SMEs and banks and other financial institutions from the commencement of the relationship, with the “best approach principle” throughout the financing process; the repairment of the relationship in case of extraordinary conditions; restructuring of the bad debts.

Our approach is straightforward; To provide flexible, active, efficient, and innovative solutions.

Some of the services provided by Okay Law in Banking and Finance Law:

-Consultancy services regarding the functioning, structure, and organization of banks and financial institutions
-Loan Agreements
-Project Finance
-International Trade Finance
-Corporate Finance
-Consultancy services to all Capital Market institutions for their relations with Supreme Board Authorities
-Company Financing
-Issuance of asset-backed securities
-Asset Financing
-Restructuring Financing