Family Law

Okay Law provides legal services to its clients regarding the Family Law, particularly on the issues among Turkish citizens or between Turkish citizens and foreigners arising from the Civil Code and other relevant legislation such as marriage, engagement, divorce, alimony obligations, custody, property regimes between spouses, kinship, paternity actions, adoption, children properties, primarily through alternative dispute resolutions followed by filing lawsuits before the courts, where necessary.

It delivers these services within the framework of the applicable legislation by way of paying attention to private life's privacy.

Some of the services provided by Okay Law in Family Law are as follows:

- Administrative filings and objections, pursuing all stages of the application process,

-Exhaustion of administrative procedures and pursuing the reconciliation procedures,

- Taking all legal protection measures, including family law-related restraining order between the parties,

- Conducting of divorce and paternity cases,

-Preparation and implementation of protocols in uncontested divorces,

-Submission of claims for material and moral damages in contested divorce cases,

- Liquidation of assets acquired in marriage after divorce,

- Applying for legal protection measures in case of breach of custody and alimony provisions,

- Adoption applications,

- Providing consultancy services regarding the preneuptial contracts ad marriage agreements on the marital assets between the prospective spouses.