Energy and Mining Law

Okay Law offers consultancy services to organizations operating in the energy and mining sectors, national and international companies that are considering investing in these sectors with its technical consultants on technical and legal issues such as planning processes, project stages, financing, EIA (environmental impact assessment) reports, institution approvals, and applicable legislation.

Some of our services in this area:

- Legal consultancy throughout the zoning planning and project process,

- Preparation of tender documents,

- Receiving the EIA report and pursuing the lawsuits against the EIA report,

- Follow-up of expropriation procedures,

- Analyzing the legal situation and risk,

- Monitoring of transactions before EMRA (energy market regulatory authority) ,

- Preparation of permit and license applications,

- Consultancy on incentives and incentive applications,

- Regulation of electricity connection and transmission agreements,

- Preparation of turbine installation agreements,

- Preparation of energy sale&purchase agreements,

- Preparation of acquisition and merger contracts,

- Preparation of royalty contracts,

- Preparation of distributor dealer main contracts,

- Preparation of EPC and PPA contracts.